Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The Definition of Gully...

Janelle Monae has been blogged about so many times, I mine as well start a fan blog (I was considering trying to start a blog that fit into the theme of Metropolis but I'd want the OK from W.A.S. first).

So why is this ad gully? Pretty simple, Ms. Monae (or Ms. Robinson) performs "Winter Wonderland" which is really an on the low shout-out to her crew...the Wondaland Arts Society!

The only artist to have done that in a Gap ad was LL Cool J ("reppin' for us, by us/on the low"). In keeping in line with this tradition, Janelle Monae has proven that she is a heavyweight much like James Todd Smith.

AIight all jokes aside, Janelle Monae was probably not intending to shout-out her marketing team. I jest. But it is an interesting choice in song. She still gets my draft pick for '08.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for taking notice -- Definately didn't slip our minds ;-)

MB said...

agreed!! i totally peeped that too!